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Creating Headlines

You’ve heard the term it takes 7 seconds to make a first impression. Well, in written communication it actually takes just a fraction of that time. In fact, across a two page newspaper spread you have just 4 seconds before a person flips to the next page. With that, it’s vital that your headline has impact.

An Introduction to Website Keywords

There are some general principles that you can follow to optimise your site for the search engines to achieve higher ranking. Keywords (in case you aren’t aware) are the search terms that people key into a search engine when they are looking for information on a certain topic.

Attend Networking Events

If done correctly, networking will deliver far more business than any promotional campaign ever will. In fact, 80% – 90% of business is done via referrals and networking so it makes sense to devote quality time to it.

Business Cards that Sell

How many business cards do you hand out each year? If you’re like most business professionals the chances are, the answer is “heaps”. And what do people do when you hand them your business card? Most of them look at it for a second or two and then file it away. When you think about it though, business cards can be a very powerful selling tool for your business.

Call to Action

Picture this ... Someone has just read your marketing material and they’re really excited. They’re excited about the benefits of your product. They can vividly picture how that product will change their lives. In fact, they can actually see the outcome in their mind’s eye. They’re happy with the price and they want to buy. Then – at the peak of their excitement for your product the letter or the ad simply ends. People need that extra push to actually make that decision to buy. Believe it or not, they actually need to be told what to do. And – they need to be given a reason to do that NOW.

Classified Advertising

Depending on your industry, Classified Advertising can be a fantastic money spinner. It’s inexpensive. It’s highly targeted to your prime target market. And the people who are reading the ad are often in the market to buy right now.

Create a Newsletter

One of the best ways to keep in touch with customers is to send out a regular newsletter to both your prospects and your customers. Today, e-newsletters are quite common and due to their affordability are more common than printed newsletters. Having said that, both online and offline versions are really effective at strengthening your relationships with your existing customers generating repeat sales. Obviously, one is more expensive than the other. And one is more effective than the other too.

Develop a Winning Print Advertising Formula

Any advertising or promotion that you do, whether it’s via newspaper ads, flyers, radio or direct mail, should have one thing in mind – TO SELL. Either to sell an offer, a contact or straight off the page. In advertising there are two main formulae to follow. The one you use will depend on whether or not you are promoting an avoidance or gain type of strategy in your promotions.

Elevator Speech

Ever been to a networking function and you introduce yourself to someone and they ask what you do? Ever been asked at a meeting, a workshop or an event to stand up and briefly share something about your business? If you have, this 10, 30 or 60 seconds of fame is a great sales opportunity for your business – if you use that time wisely. If you don’t, it’s a waste.

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